My Story

Welcome to my blog! This blog is aimed at facilitating well-being in order to create impactful shift and transformation in careers. It serves as a forum for connection around common themes we are all experiencing and is a platform to promote connection to self and others. This blog will evolve over time and I will be putting out written material as well as sharing the wisdom of others I’ve met along the way.  As the MD of a talent company and an individual who has been placing executives and managing them into new organizations for over two decades, I have gained valuable insight into key drivers to align to our personal power increase performance

Twenty odd years ago when I initiated my career, if there had been some source of information for me on how to level up, or someone had put their learnings out there for me to draw upon, I am 100% sure, my leadership journey could have been an easier one. That said I am not sure I would give up all the self-knowledge and wisdom I have acquired over the years, learning, studying, teaching and sharing for an easier ride. While I have found myself in state of sometimes challenge and change, I have gained valuable learning. It is these very lessons and tools that I plan to share with you.

My deeply changed perspective and experience of life is one I hope to facilitate for others.

Zanele Luvuno MD Transcend Talent Management, a leading South African talent business which services listed entities. She has completed the UCT Graduate School of business Coaching for development programme (CFD 3).

My Passion

We all know we have no control over others and sometimes the situations which play out in our lives. Where we do have control though is within ourselves. I believe that in working on myself I give myself a fighting chance. I have found that through better self-awareness, and a deep understanding of my own nature a keener understanding of human nature has occurred. In really seeing myself and my circumstances, and identifying and releasing the self-limiting beliefs patterns, I have arrived at a place of inspiration, joy and conscious creation. 

To all the friends and clients who asked for me to create a forum to share some of the discussions we have engaged in over the years. This is it. I hope that somewhere in the experiences I am sharing you can find nuggets of wisdom which can unlock something for you. For those who may have areas of uncertainty, we will additionally offer access to coaches to assist in your transformation!