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You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.

– Maya Angelou


I'm Zanele

Sometimes in either our personal or professional lives whether were doing well or not so well, it helps to have someone not intrinsically involved in our lives to walk the road with us, or at the very least hold space while we journey. This process is easier to arrive at when we’re doing well, because there is no fear of being perceived to be incompetent tied into the idea of leaning in towards self-development and enhancing performance.

When we’re struggling though it’s a different story, we see this process as an admission that we are  somehow unworthy, we judge ourselves for what we want, or feeling like we perhaps don’t have all the answers, something we may not necessarily want others to see.  Feeling like you’re not moving forward or moving very slowly in what seems to be a continually changing landscape has proven to be extremely challenging in these times. The world feels like it is in continuous flux, and just as we catch our breath, something else changes. The higher up we are in our careers, the harder it is to reach out for help.

The truth though is that the best leaders are never afraid to ask for assistance when they need it. They recognise that no matter how self- aware one is, we all have blind spots, and that they may not necessarily have the tools required in a particular process or life situation to shift the dial. Throughout my career I have engaged with people in both spaces, those wanting to enhance performance in certain areas, and those looking to create shift out of what may feel like a blockage they can’t navigate past.

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Through this blog...

I am hoping to hold space for individuals in both life circumstances, because like many I have often found myself in both scenarios. In some of the tools and stories I will share, I have found solutions which have I been able to successfully work with in order to move into forward motion and the experience of a fuller life.

My background: I am a vocal figure about transformation in South Africa and have my finger on the pulse particularly about establishing and promoting the future of female leaders, thus I have been featured in many publications as a thought leader in the national conversations around transformation and gender inequality. I’ve contributed to various media forums as a thought leader on issues around transformation and gender equality.

I have an extensive career spanning over two decades in the area of coaching, talent acquisition, executive search, and partner profiling for transactions. My client base has included blue chip clients on projects throughout the African continent.

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Have you heard the saying, “The power of the transformation lies in the power of the conversation?” It means that the true power in creating results and transformation for your life starts with a powerful conversation.

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We endeavour to build long lasting relationships with our partners, to ensure we find them the right candidates with the best skillsets and culture fit, in order to deliver on requirements.

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Once a week Zanele will dedicate an hour to respond to your career related questions. A great way to gain insight in order to build your career and advance yourself as a person.

"I met Zanele in 2002 when I was a banker in NY looking to move back to the continent. Since then, I've regularly sought her expert advice in talent and career management, as I've navigated the different stages of my career and work. She's still on my speed dial."

– Duke Accra

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A gateway to your unique gifts and talents

When I began my journey with authenticity, I was able to discover my unique gifts and how to best use them to help others.  I came into knowing that my purpose was to hold others in safe spaces while they grow, and as a result I have always been drawn to careers that involve human capital, coaching and development, food, as well as property over the years.

As a recruiter, I assisted people with their career advancement. As a coach, I help people identify their goals and develop the skills they need to achieve them. As a motivational speaker, I inspire people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. In the property space  I used my ability to create safe spaces for people to work in.

And now as a teacher, I will provide students with the tools they need to grow and reach their potential.

By holding people in safe spaces, I am able to help them grow and develop into their best selves. When we embrace being our authentic selves, we not only gain more joy from within, but ARE BETTER CONNECTED TO SELF, OTHERS, CUSTOMERS, COLLEGUES and are able to touch those around us in meaningful ways.

It is my hope that by creating these safe spaces for others, I can help them to discover their own authentic selves and reach their full potential.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found my calling in such a fulfilling way, and hope I can help you find yours.

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