Thinking of a career transition- spring time is the perfect time for letting in the new

Thinking of a career transition- spring time is the perfect time for letting in the new

Spring is a transitional season, it succeeds the long harsh winter and precedes the scorching summer. During this transitional season, seeds take root and vegetation begins to grow. Animals return from warmer climates, sometimes with infants in tow, we even see flowers in bloom.

While these changes in nature are happening year-in and year-out, as humans we also ditch our heavy winter layers and replace them with lighter clothing. It is perhaps is a season, where like nature we can spring clean our lives to make room for the new.

The great resignation of 2021 saw individuals resigning from their jobs in the United States en masse.  This, as people experience significant change in the quality of life with the lock down. While not all people have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home, we are now spending more time with family and friends. Some are moving to new countries  and most importantly we are all getting to know ourselves. Considering how much of our lives is spent at work, it is no wonder people are seeking more satisfaction when comes to their career. But in order to facilitate a shift in our work life, we need to have created room for it.

Personally, I am evaluating my winter season, to assess what is it that I had shelved or postponed when comes to self-development and my career over the years. I’m seeking greater purpose in my work. I want to use the start of this spring season to revisit my goals, adopt new daily habits and transition into a new phase of my career. My blog has been a part of this process.

I’d like to encourage you to do the same. Take a step back, and review how far you’ve come, congratulate yourself (You’re still standing after all) and perhaps also revisit where you are going. Be brave and acknowledge what no longer is truth and release yourself from the grip of what you believe is unchangeable. It is in this process that we are able to make room for the new to enter into our lives.

 I am not advocating everyone should resign from their jobs, but perhaps you have discovered a new skill which can be incorporated into your work life in order to grow, or there is some work you have been looking to do on yourself. Either way, spring is the perfect time to take a step in this direction.

Just like nature, let us embrace the changes that come with this season so we can birth something new.

Author: Zanele Luvuno