The Search for Authenticity Book (Pre-order)


My personal experience with authenticity has been a complex one. I don’t think I personally sought out to discover my authenticity but it is something I discovered along the way, very much triggered by a feeling of being at odds with myself and a desire for better relationships, as well as career advancement. There are some exceptional candidates I have encountered who knew from a graduate level who they were and where they were going but these people have been a rarity.  I don’t think society is structured to encourage us to seek authenticity. 

Authenticity is a bit of a loaded word. To be authentic, one must first understand what it means to be inauthentic. And that’s where society comes in. Society, with its ever-present norms and expectations, can often stifle our ability to express our true selves. We’re encouraged to conform to certain standards of behaviour and appearance in order to fit in and maintain order. This expectation can make it difficult for us to explore our uniqueness and find our own individual voice.

This book will be available in November 2023, pre-order now!