Get on the balcony to gain better perspective

The concept of ‘Get on The Balcony’ – to gain a better perspective in the midst of action- is now more relevant than ever. As we experience and bear witness to the global crisis and how we are shifting in our careers and lives, it is prudent to step away from the chaos, and take stock of the situation, and most importantly how we are evolving.  When we are on the balcony, we are able to gain a clearer view of the dynamics at play, as well as the potential solutions which can aid in our career and personal growth objectively.

During the course of each month through my blog, I am looking to bring various tools and content to facilitate this process of growth. I will be hosting a question and answer slot where I invite professionals at leadership or those aspiring to leadership level, as well as entrepreneurs to inbox me their career related questions via email; and I will set aside an hour per week to respond.

 Additionally, I will be sharing exclusive video content which is reflective of aspects of my life in the context of social issues as well as experiences in my past and current business life. Lastly, I will present some technical content and tools related to talent and careers, some home grown and available on the Transcend Talent website while others being solutions we have identified through the phenomenal work of others in our careers and life community we are building.

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Author: Zanele Luvuno